Imagine you bumped into an old friend who asks you what is your business idea. You think, try to explain your business and then pause. Then start thinking again and then try to tell him or her what your business idea is but could not find the right words for it.

Now imagine your friend as an investor. As a potential partner in your business. Or someone who could have introduced you to a business angel.

Come and join the 3 hours intense workshop on “Mastering the Elevator Pitch”

Participation Fee

Rs. 1,500* ONLY

*Fee Includes: Certificate of Participation by Startup Academy, Tons of Learning, Engagement, Networking and an perfect Elevator Pitch.  

Mode of Payment

Through internet banking or at any Silk Bank Branch

Account Name: Startup Academy (Pvt.) Limited

Account Number: 00362009224567

Once the payment is made, kindly send the receipt or screenshot of payment confirmation at